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What is technology?

 Format: Hardback  Series: Little Book BIG Idea  Author: Sarah Walden  Category: Non Fiction  Reading Age: 5+  ISBN-13: 9781915613400  Pages: 32  Illustrator: Katie Rewse
What is technology? Well, we have been using tools since prehistoric times…

But what problems does technology solve? Who invents technology? How can technology save the planet? These are very big questions that need exploring and the sooner we start answering them, the better. Content includes: What is technology? How was technology first used? What came next? Who invents technology? What do engineers do? What powers technology? What are technology’s greatest 21st century achievements? What do computers do? What can robots do? How can you work with technology? What is the future of technology?

This delightful series builds foundations for life-long learning by explaining big ideas to little people. Using simple language to explain complicated ideas, each book takes the core questions that relate to that subject and provides answers that make sense to young children. Stunning illustrations support the non-fiction narrative ensuring that our picture book approach feels fresh and different and allows children to recognise themselves in the book.

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