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What is drama?

 Format: Hardback  Series: Little Book BIG Idea  Author: Sarah Walden  Category: Non Fiction  Reading Age: 5+  Published: 19/09/2024  ISBN-13: 9781915613394  Pages: 32  Illustrator: Katie Rewse
Why is drama important? Well, drama helps us understand the world around us.

We learn how by asking questions such as these: What is drama? Where did drama start? Where is drama performed? What is a play? What is a film or TV programme? What are genres? What is a director? What do actors do? Why is costume important? Why are sound and lighting effects important? How do special effects and props work? What can you do with drama? How does drama help people?

This delightful series builds foundations for life-long learning by explaining big ideas to little people. Using simple language to explain complicated ideas, each book takes the core questions that relate to each subject and provides answers that make sense to young children. Stunning illustrations support the non-fiction narrative ensuring our picture book approach feels fresh and different.

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