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Orangutan Can’t Draw Comics, But You Can!

 Format: Paperback  Series: Practically Awesome Animals  Author: Luke Newell  Category: Activity  Reading Age: 7+  Published: 11/01/2024  ISBN-13: 9781915613219  Pages: 96  Dimension: 270 x 200  Illustrator: Luke Newell

Orangutan and his friends will teach you how to draw cartoon characters, action-packed comic strips and much, much more.

Using eight BIG IDEAS that cover characters and props, environments and vehicles, perspective, lettering, story-telling, layouts and artwork, this book will teach you how to draw the most amazing comics.

With bright and colourful step-by-step instructions and helpful tips and tricks from Tiger, Crocodile and Rhinoceros, you’ll be a comic genius in no time!

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